Welfare & Medical

  • Stay Safe at Bassfest - Useful links

    ● Festival Safe - Whether you're a first-timer or a veteran, there is something on Festival Safe for everyone● Change Grow Live Advice - If you're concerned about your drinking or drug use but aren't sure what steps to take, you can find lots of useful information and advice here.● Drink Aware Advice - Drink Aware can help you learn about the impact of alcohol on you, your family or friends. ● Talk to Frank -Honest information about drugs● Mind Help & Advice - Supporting everyone experiencing a mental health problem, giving support and respect.● Sheffield Medical Centre - Provide support and treatment to people living in the city who are struggling with addiction to alcohol, opiates and non-opiates.

  • Onsite Support

    Change Grow LiveThe team at Change Grow Live offer a confidential, free, open access service for anyone experiencing difficulties with drugs or alcohol. At Bassfest this year they will be situated near the medical centre in a quiet zone throughout the open hours of the festival. The team can be identified by their purple high visibility vests with Change Grow Live on the back. As well as mobile teams around the festival site. Go and say hi if you see them!
    Medical CentreIf you're experiencing a medical issue then our first aiders, medics and doctors are on hand to support you. They can be identified in green high visibility vests around the festival site as well as situated in a medical tent. 

  • Sexual Harassment

    We operate a zero-tolerance policy towards any kind of sexual assault or harassment. If you or any of your friends experience any kind of sexual assault or harassment you should report it immediately to a member of staff or go to th Welfare tent on site where we have staff to support you.
    We operate the Ask for Angela Scheme, whereby you can ask for angela and member of staff will understand that you are in need of help and support and will be able to respond in an appropriate, discreet way.

  • Safe Listening at festivals

    We want you to fully enjoy every moment of the festival, listening to your favorite music and seeing your favorite acts, all while staying safe. Hearing damage results from a combination of loudness and exposure duration. The longer you're exposed to loud sounds, the greater the risk of ear damage, so be sure to take breaks to give your ears a rest. For tips on protecting your hearing and more information about safe listening, please click here.

  • Where is Welfare?

    Located directly adjacent to the Medical Centre is the 'WELFARE TENT' which is accessible throughout the festival across the weekend. The welfare team from Change Grow Live offer non-judgemental support to those vulnerable either through substance use, mental health, are a victim of an assault or sexual assault or those that are finding the festival environment overwhelming in that moment. A festival atmosphere and large crowds can be a trigger for some people and our Welfare Tent is a safe space faciliated by trained and experienced staff where people can be cared for until they feel able to head back into the festival if they wish.
    The Welfare Team can also support you with arranging how to get home in an emergency, by making calls to family and friends to pick you up and then support you to the gates.

  • How & where can I get Medical help?

    The Medical Centre is located within the Event Site and clearly signposted. It is accessible throughout the event weekend with a wide range of fully trained medical staff including Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, First Responders and Mental Health Practitioners. Our team are able to deal with the full range of emergency and urgent care medical problems and offers the same range of services as a conventional Emergency Department. In addition to the primary Medical Centre and Welfare Tent we have various medical response teams positioned across the festival site as well as foot patrols across the event arena.
    If you require Medical or First Aid assistance, head over to the Medical Centre on site or approach a member of the Medical Team in Green High Visibility vests who will be able to assist you. If it's an emergency reach out to the closest member of staff who will be able to contact our Event Control and get assistance to you.